Aidan Harmon

When seeking an IPED editor to copy edit my book on the topic of marketing soccer, I decided to set a basic test to shortlist those who know a little about the topic. So, I invited responses from editors who were familiar with the phrase ‘Park the Bus’.

Jess not only passed this test but also offered a succinct explanation of ‘offside’ to set herself apart from her peers. However, Jess’ credentials and experience show that she has consistently set herself apart with achievements and awards that include the Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for her Masters Thesis in Editing and Publishing from Macquarie University.

The central theme of my book is an argument for structural change to competition formats in international and domestic football. And as you might expect, crafting what is hopefully a compelling case for change, required careful attention to the formulation of a cogent argument. Therefore, I’m very grateful to Jess for her attention to the finest detail of my work, producing recommendations to clarify and simplify key aspects of the content to improve its style and readability. 

Thank you very much Jess for finally getting my work print-ready.