kids books – HarperCollins

To the Moon and Back, written by Bryan Sullivan and Jackie French, provides a history of Australia’s involvement in the Apollo program, was updated and re-released in May 2019 in advance of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. My role was to copyedit the new material, ensure cohesion with the existing manuscript and update the index with new entries and pagination for this revised edition.

All of Us is a beautifully illustrated history of Southeast Asia, written by Jackie French and Virginia Hooker (a professor at ANU), where stories from our region’s history are told in poetry and interwoven with illustrations. Copyediting poetry and lyrical language requires a delicate touch, where the addition/deletion of a single word or syllable can change the internal rhythms of a line, with the aim of improving (and not impeding) the flow of the piece overall. This is available from HarperCollins from September 2019.