Why do I need an editor?

Quick Fox Editing provides the following editorial services. I can:


✦ structure your manuscript or document so that it flows logically
✦ copyedit your document, checking for grammar and spelling
✦ proofread your document, crossing all the ‘t’s and dotting all the ‘i’s
✦ fact-check your writing and information for accuracy
✦ provide picture research, including clearing rights and permissions
✦ assist you with layout and design
✦ write blog articles and social media posts to give your work maximum traction

Editing expertise


My background is illustrated reference books, which has given me a love of architecture, art, astronomy, cookery, craft, design, dinosaurs, DIY, the Earth, gardening, health, history, science and stationery. I’ve also edited fiction and narrative nonfiction books, corporate documents, philosophical articles and personal memoirs. My aim with editing is to ensure your words and ideas are expressed the way you want them to be.

Because of the highly visual nature of illustrated books, I have developed a good eye for design and imagery. Good design can mean the difference between your message getting across or getting lost. I can assist you with your document’s layout and with picture research.

Copywriting expertise

finalBEDROOM MAKEOVER 1As a copywriter, I’ve contributed articles to magazines and written content for websites and social media. I’m just as comfortable writing and editing short-form text as longer pieces of work.  The writing aspect of my craft is something that I am constantly honing, my new blog will showcase not just tips on editing and writing, but also some of the builds and projects that I create.

Additional services

Does your recipe need editing or a nutritional analysis? I am experienced in doing nutritional breakdowns for recipes, as well as adjusting recipes to fit within specific health guidelines (such as heart disease or diabetes).